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Carbostar 10 mm

Polycarbonate panels CARBOSTAR with thickness 10 mm, unicameral, weight: 1700 gr./m2

  • Width of the list: 2100 mm
  • Length of the list: 3000 mm, 6000 mm, 12 000 mm
  • Colour: natural, white, bronze (smoky brown), blue, green

Технически параметри

Technical parameters of CARBOSTAR

Resistance to impact

200 times higher than glass

Omission of light

Up to 80% depending on the thickness and the colour of the plate


Coefficient diathermancy - almost 2 times lower than the coefficient diathermancy of the glass

It achieves over 30% energy saving effect than glass.

Temperature range for exploitation

From -40°С to 120°С

Thermal expansion of plates

Average 3 mm on a linear meter

Sound isolation

A plate with thickness of 10 mm isolates sound up to 20 Db.


1.2 gr/sm3

Hardness Shorty

From 75 to 77 according to M scale

Resistance to UV-rays

It keeps its mechanical properties for 10 years.

Chemical resistance

High resistance to chemical agents


Difficultly flammable
According to DIN 4102 - B class - 1
According to UL 94 - 1.5 mm HB class

Combustibility According to EN 60695-11-10-V-2

Fire temperature point

Over 450 °С, /842°С /

Carbostar 10 mm. -
Carbostar 10 mm. -
Carbostar 10 mm. -
Carbostar 10 mm. -
Carbostar 10 mm. -

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