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The polycarbonate plates manufactured by PIRINPLAST JSC are high technology construction material. They are compound by light omitting walls, connected to one another by hard longitudinal gills. They are offered in the following sizes: width 2100 mm; thickness 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm or 10 mm; and weight relatively 900 g./ m2, 1300 g./ m2, 1500 g./ m2, 1700 g./ m2; three variations of the length 3 m, 6 m and 12 m or sizes by clients want.

The product CARBOSTAR meets the needs of the modern days, as it combines unlimited design possibilities with many important advantages at relatively low prices, which makes it an universal material, being applicable in different spheres. It is easy for installation and maintenance, easily to reach a modern, esthetic design, stability and strength by it.

The polycarbonate plates, used in interior, allow an natural atmosphere to be entered into the office, the shop or the house. They give you a feeling of aesthetics, as in the same time they provide strength and resistance. They offer almost unlimited possibilities for designing purposes. The plates are flexible, with different degree of transparency and rich range of colors.

The polycarbonate plates CARBOSTAR are extremely appropriate for covering of greenhouses, because they keep the warmth with 45 % more then the conventional glass. The usage of the polycarbonate plates for this purpose also provides a variety of advantages for the growing plants better isolation, high light omitting, resistance by hailstorm.

Thanks to the elastic bonds, the polycarbonate is amenable to bending even in cold state and this does not influence the strength of the plate. Every thickness of the plates is characterized by definite minimum radius of bending, which enables the possibility to cover different by form surfaces.

The polycarbonate plates CARBOSTAR are delivered in a defending package which hinters harms during transportation and installation and then can be easily removed.

The most distinctive characteristics of the polycarbonate plates CARBOSTAR as a constructive material are:

  • Light material 1/6 of the glass weight, which enables the simplification of the bearing construction. This on its side leads to saving money, materials and labor.
  • Practically unbreakable 200 times higher hit resistance in comparison with the glass
  • Highly resistant to weather conditions the material is not changeable by weather conditions because of its special co-extrusive UV protection layer, with given guarantee 10 years. Its mechanical and optical characteristics are also unchangeable in a wide variation of the temperature /from 40 to + 120 degrees Centigrade/
  • Heat isolating the gilled configuration of the polyhedral plates keeps air in the plate, which guarantees perfect heat isolation. Even the thinnest plates (4 mm) exceed double the degree of heat isolation of the usual glazing. In this way 30 % energy saving is achieved.
  • Flexible and easy for installation easily to be bend which makes it perfect material for covering of surfaces with complicated geometrical form. A great important advantage of the material is also its easy working with conventional cutting tools. There is no possibility any cavities to be caused by sawing or drilling.
  • Hard to inflame in accordance with most international standards. Exposed to very high temperatures the material is melting without any flames.
  • Protecting the environment it does not pollute and is 100 % recyclable.
  • Polycarbonate is hygienically protected because of its smooth surface the material almost does not restrain dirty substances and if any are gained, it easy to be cleaned.

Carbostar 4 mm

Polycarbonate panels CARBOSTAR with thickness 4 mm, unicameral, weight: 900 gr./m2

Carbostar 6 mm

Polycarbonate panels CARBOSTAR with thickness6 mm, unicameral, weight:1300 gr./m2

Carbostar 8 mm

Polycarbonate panels CARBOSTAR with thickness8 mm, unicameral, weight:1500 gr./m2

Carbostar 10 mm

Polycarbonate panels CARBOSTAR with thickness10 mm, unicameral, weight:1700 gr./m2


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