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About us

"Pirinplast"JSC was established in 1974 with a major activity, regarding manufacturing of plastic products. In its long history "Pirinplast" AD grows up and specializes in this activity. The product range includes: polycarbonate panels; polypropylene corrugated cardboard and products made from it; polymer networks; gun and blast products for households, industry and agriculture; transport crates; single cutlery and others. The company works in the conditions of embedded and certified quality management system ISO 9001:2000 and in this way it satisfies the needs of its customers at the highest level.

Regarding the whole variety of manufactured products, "PIRINPLAST"JSC has an established name in the Bulgarian and international market.

About 80% of the total turnover of the company is an export for ITALY, SWEDEN, GERMANY, FRANCE, LITHUANIA, DENMARK, RUSSIA, ROMANIA, etc.

One of our big customers is the Swedish company IKEA, which has over 250 shops all over the world. Our company is a supplier of Schneider Elektrik - Bulgaria and Belgium, Arctic - Romania and also a subsupplier of Fiat, Mercedes, etc.

The sales on the internal market are realized through a well organized distribution network in the country, 3 company stores and direct sales.

An important share for the sales on the internal market has the METRO and KAUFLAND chains.

"Pirinplast" AD is a company, which develops its ability to work in a high quality manner and with a clear orientation, it also aims at correctly defining the requirements and needs of the customers, satisfying them in the best possible way and maintaining a high level of competitiveness in its area.

New products are constantly being assimilated, the design is also being modernized, new technologies are being introduced and the quality of the already assimilated products is being improved.

The result of this policy is the purchase and introduction of new modern production line for polycarbonate panels KARBOSTAR with high capacity in 2007, having annual capacity of 2700 tonnes.

"PIRINPLAST"JSC is the biggest manufacturer on the Balkans of profiled plates made of polypropylene, having a trade name Velplastic - a main production of the company. The annual capacity of the four production lines for manufacturing of Velplastic is 4000 tonnes. The big variety of thickness, colours, weight and size of the polypropylene plates make them widely used. Part of the product Velplastic is traded as a material for sheets and other part of it, after subsequent operations, is revamped to various products with different applications - panels for the furniture industry, technology packages in the automotive industry, back walls for refrigerators, separators in the glass industry, special once used containers for hazardous medical waste products, boxes, advertising shelves, stationery products and many others.

The other main activity of the company is the manufacturing of details, using the method of casting under pressure. Products, weighing from some grammes to 4500 grammes, are manufactured by this method. In the last few years new 5 modern machine guns with closing power from 80 to 1250 tonnes have been introduced in the production. The manufactured products satisfy the needs of households and agriculture, but technical products with high technological criteria are also manufactured.

"Pirinplast"JSC specializes also in packing kits for once used plastic cutlery and in this way it introduces different product lines for their packing and manufactures different plastic cutlery, responding to the world trends in the catering industry for their widely spread usage.

In 2007 "Pirinplast"JSC bought a new recycling line for plastic waste products, which is a guarantee for pure technologies and environmental protection.

The new high-technological machines, the usage of high-quality materials and the last, but not the least, specialists with high qualification and long experience are a guarantee for high-quality plastic products.

Regardig "PIRINPLAST" you can always find a reliable business-partner.

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